Meet the Safe Kid App

This is the application that protects children’s rights in the world.
Safe Kid is an application created for the protection of the most vulnerable citizens – children. Not only adults but also our charges face daily injustice, persecution, mental and physical violence, as well as various types of abuse. The Little Signalman is a tool that allows you to instantly record and send evidence of misdemeanors or crimes to dedicated institutions. The application also allows you to archive requests if necessary and to share anonymously.

We have created a Safe Kid in order to make the life of the youngest easier and safer. To make the world better.

Report to a parent or legal guardian

Fill in your data in the application on the child’s device and let all the things that are disturbing in his opinion go only to you.

Report to school or educational institution

Help your child or pupil complete the school’s data in the application so that he can also send his or her applications to the school’s e-mail address.

Report to the Ombudsman for the Protection of Children's Rights

As the creators of the application, we made sure that the child could directly inform the Ombudsman for the Protection of Children’s Rights.

Report to the nearest police station

Nothing arouses such authority in a child as Mr. Policeman, so we made sure that the child could send their reports to the nearest police station in the area.